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Working exclusively with so many clients in the not for profit sector across Australia gives us unique insight into the challenges and opportunities your organisation may be facing. Our highly qualified and experienced team are so versatile, we can help you with almost anything!

Whether its disruptive changes in your sector, needing to create efficiencies, looking for collaborative partners or needing some blue sky thinking, a fresh set of eyes could be exactly what the situation calls for.




Wind Ups


Success begins at the top and we can ensure your Board is well supported by adding our expertise in:

  • Governance Training
  • Blue Sky Thinking
  • Strategic Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Business Planning
  • Setting of Key Performance Indicators
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Don’t let your set up let you down. Constitutions can become outdated, your eligibility for tax concessions can change and growth can mean operating in different jurisdictions.

  • Structure Reviews & Advice
  • Constitution Reviews
  • Charity Registrations
  • Tax Concessions (ITEC, DGR, PBI, HPC, FBT)
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There is a constant pressure on not for profit organisations to operate on limited resources. We can assist with organisational readiness for disruptive change, process improvement and improving compliance.

  • NDIS readiness
  • Organisational Restructuring
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Compliance Reviews
  • Internal Audit
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Wind ups

An organisation may need to wind up for various reasons, the cause is no longer relevant, a loss of funding or in some cases mismanagement. We have extensive experience guiding boards through the complexities of winding up their organisations.

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Consulting Case Studies

Case Study 1:

Governance Project

NFPAS is often approached by not for profit organisations to provide advice on various aspects of structure and legal compliance. Such was the case with an old scholars association which for over fifty years, had existed to support the students and ex-students of a private school.

The Committee of the association was particularly interested in receiving feedback and advice on the association’s income tax and GST status, the adequacy and limitations of its constitution and in general the financial position, performance and future sustainability.

The NFPAS team addressed each of these areas in turn and produced a detailed report for the Committee on the findings, which included financial modelling on the impacts to the organisation of making some constitutional and operational changes. A key aspect of the report was the provision of advice on the strategic goals and aims of the organisation that the Committee had set, and how the current constitution and finances were serving those larger aims.

The report was presented to the Committee and then discussed through a ‘question & answer’ presentation format.

Case Study 2:

Blue Sky Thinking

NFPAS were engaged by a long-established and much-loved not for profit organisation to do an operational review. The organisation, with annual revenue of $10m and a net asset base of $30m, were interested in exploring some new ideas and possible improvements to the way they were delivering their services. They were also looking to minimise the inherent cost implications within their current operating model. In particular the review was to focus on the key areas of price, production, distribution and general operating overheads.

Rather than seek to duplicate the detailed knowledge and historical understanding of the senior leadership team, it was instead decided that a ‘blank sheet of paper’ approach would be used. Through a series of project stages that involved initial information gathering, two ‘blue sky thinking’ idea generation sessions, and a question and answer meeting with senior management, the nfpas team independently captured a lot of creative thought and operating model alternatives.

These were examined in detail and filtered for importance and impact, and then consolidated into a operational review report which was presented to and discussed with the senior management team. It highlighted various ideas from the ‘blue sky thinking’ sessions, contained some key improvement suggestions to the current operating model and also listed some alternate ways that the organisation could have major impact in the community, in the areas of need it serves. The report and ideas were well-received and the organisation was left with a list of possible options to implement and concepts to further discuss and explore.

Big or small, NFPAS has expert financial services to suit the needs of your not for profit

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