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Most not for profit organisations are required to be audited or reviewed by a professional accountant so selecting an auditor that understands the not for profit landscape is an important decision for your organisation.

Many of the risks and compliance requirements that apply in the not for profit sector are very different to those applying in commercial settings. Unlike other firms for which the not for profit sector is an ‘add-on’ or fringe part of their practice, it’s our main focus, which means that we have a comprehensive understanding of the regulatory, compliance and reporting frameworks.

While price is naturally a key consideration when selecting an auditor, our pricing is determined by our aim to deliver a comprehensive, value for money audit service that assists your organisation to meet its obligations and inform future decisions. Choosing an auditor on price alone may be attractive at the time, but can be costly later.

Incorporated associations

Companies Limited by Guarantee

Indigenous Corporations

Public and Private Ancillary Funds

Charitable Collections Licences


Community Housing Organisations


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