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Andrea Petersen established NFPAS in 1999 to give not for profit organisations the best chance at succeeding. With a belief in people and a cause-focused approach, Andrea’s vision for NFPAS was to help the not for profit sector thrive through the provision of specialist accounting services.

From this, NFPAS was born. And ever since, NFPAS has been committed to delivering exceptional accounting, financial and consulting services to not for profit organisations.

As a leader, Andrea ensures the focus of the NFPAS team is always on the ultimate success of their clients. As an expert in accounting for not for profits, Andrea has assembled a team of like-minded people, dedicated to helping NFP organisations navigate the unique and complex challenges they face.

‘I have a strong passion for the work of not for profits, and I get so much satisfaction from being able to assist in achieving their success.’ Andrea Petersen, Founder & Director of NFPAS.

It’s not only Andrea who embodies a belief in social justice and equity. The entire NFPAS team are equally passionate about working with values-based organisations. In fact, our team has chosen to work at NFPAS because they care about our community. We’re here to help NFPs manage their accounting processes and meet their compliance obligations. Our financial know-how and expert advice will help you identify issues before they become problems, and assist in making good strategic decisions, contributing to your organisation’s success.

We tailor our services to meet your specific needs. Whether it’s helping prepare financial statements, auditing, or being your virtual finance department. No matter if your needs are small or large, at NFPAS we have the skills, resources and latest cloud accounting technology to support your organisation. We work to ensure that organisations are fully compliant, efficient and effective – freeing you up to focus on the business of delivering your mission.

‘The not for profit sector is full of wonderful people with wonderful stories to tell. I like to think that NFPAS plays a part in those stories. We provide our professional services to help these incredibly dedicated people achieve the goals of their organisation.’ Andrea Petersen, Founder & Director of NFPAS.

To ensure you receive only the best support, our approach is one of constant improvement. Our staff are highly qualified in accounting and general business management. We provide continuous training to ensure that we are up-to-date with the latest legislation, trends and issues facing the sector. This means that when you trust your financial services to NFPAS, you are trusting the not for profit experts. We also work to improve the sector as a whole by fostering opportunities for non-profit leaders to connect, network and share information to help strengthen the community.

We don’t just talk the talk. Our team also helps not for profit organisations through our internal fundraising and corporate social responsibility. We’re big supporters of charities that improve our community on a global and national scale because giving back is why we’re here.

At NFPAS we genuinely care. About you, about your goals, and about your mission. We like to see ourselves as an extension of your team. We thrive on a friendly and open relationship with our clients, always providing clear and direct communication. Because we’re just as invested in achieving the success of your cause as you are.


Vision & Mission

Our Vision is World Peace. An ideal state of happiness, freedom and peace within and among all people and nations.
Our Mission is to be a force for good, partnering with our clients to change the world.


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