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Civil Society National Centre for Excellence research and consultation

The Australian Government recently announced their intention to establish a Civil Society National Centre for Excellence to strengthen and develop civil society organisations.

Operating independently of government, the Civil Society National Centre for Excellence (NCE) will help build the capacity of civil society organisations by, for example, supporting collaboration, education and training and advocacy, and working to reduce reporting requirements and red tape.

The Government has engaged the Centre for Social Impact (CSI) to provide advice on the best models for the NCE. CSI will research best practice in Australia and internationally and conduct two phases of stakeholder consultation.

The first phase of the consultation commenced 10 June 2014 and includes focus groups and an online survey. The survey is open to anyone or any organisation that wishes to participate. CSI will use the results of this consultation and research to provide an Interim Report to the Government in July 2014.

CSI’s Interim Report will provide a basis for a second phase of consultation that will include workshops and a second online survey. This will inform discussions with stakeholders on the structure and functions of the NCE and the preferred model.

To participate in the online surveys or to find out more about CSI’s research and consultation visit here.

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