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Ambiguity and uncertainty can be crippling right when you and your team need to be creative, proactive, innovative and BOLD. The changes currently facing NGOs are in the context of disengagement of government from social and community services.

It started as “funding NGOs to do better what the Government used to do”. Now it looks more and more as if NGOs will need to find ways to weather a rocky transition to a state where they will then need to fund their services themselves.

So it’s not the right time to be paralysed by the enormity, the uncertainty, the vagueness of some of the changes and the confronting reality of other changes. It is time to stand up, see your new future, plan and implement strategies for surviving and thriving in the new future. It’s also time to bolster the skills and resilience of both leaders and staff.

The Centre for People Development are people development strategist; we can help you build the change survival and resilience skills you need for this work. Our sister organisation CPD BIZ Consulting, can assist with you planning.

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