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ACNC Charity pack

ACNC staff are currently working to finalise a pack which will be sent to all new charities that apply to the ACNC for registration after 1 October. The information within the pack will provide details on the ACNC and its role, future reporting requirements and topics such as effective charity governance, roles and responsibilities of Directors, and other useful information for new charities.

This pack will include a number of tools and resources including:
‰Û¢ a certificate of registration
‰Û¢ a DVD with helpful information for charities in a number of formats including videos featuring the Assistant Commissioners and myself, PowerPoint presentations, FAQs and fact sheets
‰Û¢ guidance materials including the ‘next steps’ for ACNC registered charities focussing on reporting timelines and requirements.
The certificate of registration will, amongst other things, show the public that the charity has had its bona fides checked; that it is operating with good governance and sound financial management. A new charity may choose to display its certificate to show the public that it can have a high-level of confidence in the charity’s operations.

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