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Your ‰Û÷Shout‰Ûª – New Charity App

What’s in a ‘shout’? The creators of a new Australian mobile app called Shout say it encourages people to donate to charities the same way as someone might ‘shout’ a mate a coffee or beer.

And, they say the aim is to make it an everyday habit to give a little to those in need.

“Integrating mobile technology and charitable giving, Shout harnesses the power of mobile technology and social media to spread the word to help Not for Profit organisations- anywhere, at any time,” Shout Co-Founder, Jane Martino said.

“With a simple tap, Shout is free from the iTunes App Store and Google Play.”

Registered account holders or ‘shouters’ can then make donations to the value of $5/ $10/ $20 up to $150 directly to the listed charity of choice.

“Every ‘Shout’ is acknowledged with a ‘Cheers’ message and is shareable on Facebook or Twitter, instantly posting the users’ ‘Shout’ whilst raising awareness of the organisation receiving the donation and encouraging that person’s own network to give with the well known Aussie call to action ‘It’s Your Shout’.

“The new model is flexible and intuitive for the donor, yet low-cost and far-reaching for the Not for Profit organisation,” Martino said.

“Shout cuts the cost of fundraising for Not for Profit organisations by charging a market rate administration fee of 6.5% and passing on all bank fees directly.

“Shout was developed around the idea that a whole lot can be achieved if everyone just gives a little. Donations don’t need to be big to make a significant difference,” she said.

Martino says she has experienced, through her own Not for Profit Smiling Mind, that many NFP organisations are resource-challenged and therefore struggle to keep up with technology, social media and consumer trends, missing out on a large prospective pool of new donors.

“According to new research conducted by PayPal, donations to charities in the past year via mobile phone devices have risen 293 per cent, demonstrating Australians are no rookies at doing a good deed through their mobiles and online platforms,” Martino said.

“There was a need to integrate current trends like mobile technology and social media with people’s giving habits, to help Not for Profit organisations survive and grow.

‘Shouters’ can choose to donate the value of many different everyday items, for example, a beer, a coffee, a movie ticket, a food item, a book along with any specific items Shout designs and develops with the charities themselves.

“These items may relate to the work the organisations do or be based upon key messages around the organisation’s overall vision,” Martino said.

“Aussies are second-to-none when it comes to helping others so I know Shout will be embraced.

“Many Not for Profit organisations have recognised the benefits of Shout’s innovative model and have registered for inclusion on the platform prior to its launch including the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF), Foodbank, Lighthouse Foundation, Reach Foundation and Kids Under Cover.

Susanne Williamson, General Manager of Development at Reach Foundation says: “Shout is an exciting opportunity to catch the imagination of donors at events and during campaigns in a way that is easy, instant and engaging.

“We are looking forward to developing many new ways to put this application to good use in the name of a great cause.”

To find out more, charities can email Shout at or visit Shout for Good.

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