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Tower of lies comes tumbling down around Australian of the Year finalist

There are a lot of things Eman Sharobeem is not: she is not a child bride.

She is not a psychologist. She is not a doctor. She is not a PhD … (either once or twice.)

But according to the corruption commission, there is one thing she definitely is – corrupt.

The former head of two publicly funded not-for-profit services supporting immigrant women and non-English speaking people in western Sydney has been found to have undertaken a calculated, widespread fraud lasting more than a decade.

In the wake of a Sydney Morning Herald investigation that revealed key parts of an ICAC investigation and a public inquiry last year, ICAC concluded on Wednesday that Ms Sharobeem had corruptly misappropriated nearly $800,000 of public funds from the Immigrant Womens Health Services and the Non-English Speaking Housing organisation.

She used the funds to finance her lavish lifestyle. Public hearings last year heard Ms Sharobeem had spent thousands of dollars on jewellery, Botox, liposuction for her son, a Mercedes for her husband, family holidays, a massage chair and gym memberships.

To view the full Sydney Morning Herald article, click here.

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