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Single Charity Definition

The ACNC has proposed a new model to deliver a single definition of charity across all states and jurisdictions in Australia.

A discussion paper has been prepared to consider the implications of moving to a new model of a single charity definition in which the ACNC would take on the role of determining an organisation’s charitable status.

ACNC assistant commissioner David Locke said the new model of regulation would have significant benefits to the charity sector. “At present there is no single definition of charity across Australia. In addition to the common law definitions, the terms ‘charity’, ‘charitable purpose’ and ‘charitable status’ occur in 172 pieces of Commonwealth, state and territory legislation, of these acts, 45 of them define these terms,” Locke said.

He said the paper put forward a particular focus on the state revenue environment and suggested that the definition of charity be considered separately to any entitlement to concessions.

To view the discussion paper click here

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