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Resilient Families Becomes First SBB to Mature in Australia

The Benevolent Society believes social benefit bonds can transform how social services are delivered in Australia, after its SBB significantly reduced the number of children entering out-of-home care.

Resilient Families – an intensive family support program seeking to keep families together – was delivered by The Benevolent Society under an SBB in partnership with private investors, Commonwealth Bank, Westpac and the New South Wales government.

The five-year bond has now finished, making it the first SBB to reach maturity in Australia.

The program performed well, with 32 per cent fewer children entering out-of-home care compared to a control group of families receiving a “business as usual” approach from the NSW government.

Financially, the SBB delivered capital-protected investors a six per cent return and capital-exposed investors a 10.5 per cent return.

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