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NFP salaries soar to keep up with fundraising demands

To contend with the need for specialists in niche-areas, salaries in the not-for-profit sector has significantly increased

Not-for-profit salaries have significantly increased to contend with the demand of high-calibre employees who can manage the operations and fundraising of organisations.

Over the last two years, the demand for fundraising skills in the NFP sector has soared and led to a current shortage of fundraising professionals in the space. This is largely driven by NFPs experiencing uncertainty around government funding.

Director at NGO Recruitment, Richard Green, said: “NFPs need to accept that anyone who can raise money is in huge demand. Salaries for niche in-demand roles such as major donor fundraisers have jumped and often these people are being paid more than equivalent grades in other organisational areas such as corporate services.”

Green added that a current mindset is required, adding: “You may only want to pay a certain amount, but if that’s not buying the skills you need, you have to pay what the market is demanding.” In some cases, this is around $40 to $80 an hour.

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