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It Is All About the Purpose, Not the Activity

When it comes to investigating the Catholic Education Melbourne, nothing seen in the last few days suggests the ACNC is doing anything other than what a good regulator should do, writes Community Council for Australia CEO David Crosbie.

The ACNC appears to have treated all complaints seriously, adopted due process and ensured fair application of the legislation.

Whether we agree with the position certain charities take in relation to education, the environment, housing, health, welfare, religion or any issue, charities should always defend the right to advocate for a charitable purpose, including ranking the specific policies of political parties in relation to the core purpose of the charity. Engaging in advocacy does not make advocacy your charitable purpose.

For as long as the ACNC fairly enforces the regulations, for as long as Australia’s laws and regulations continue to protect charitable advocacy, the biggest danger to public advocacy is not the charities regulator, but the tendency of far too many charities to self-sensor.

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