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Coronavirus and workplace laws: There’s probably not a business in Australia that hasn’t been impacted in some way. Fair Work Australia is here to help you understand your rights and responsibilities during the outbreak and along the road to recovery.

To view the dedicated Fair Work Australia coronavirus website, click here

Temporary changes to the Fair Work Act: Changes have been made to support the implementation of the JobKeeper wage subsidy scheme. JobKeeper employers can ask their JobKeeper employees to change when they work or take paid annual leave, or can require them to reduce their hours or days, change their duties, or change their work location. Safeguards apply.

To view further information about Fair Work Australia and the JobKeeper scheme, click here

Workplace legal advice program: The workplace issues arising out of the coronavirus outbreak can be complex. To help employers deal with issues and get on with running their business, Fair Work Australia is piloting a program to give eligible employers access to free, confidential legal advice.

To view further information about the Fair Work Australia Workplace Legal Advice Program, click here

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