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Exploring the definitions of the ACNC’s second object

The ACNC Act sets out three objects. This is what the ACNC was set up to achieve.

  1. To maintain, protect and enhance public trust and confidence in the sector through increased accountability and transparency,
  2. To support and sustain a robust, vibrant, independent and innovative not-for-profit sector, and;
  3. To promote the reduction of unnecessary regulatory obligations on the sector.

While the first and third objects are easily defined, the concepts mentioned in the second object are not clarified in the ACNC Act, the Explanatory Memorandum or the Minister’s Second Reading Speech.

Recently, we (the ACNC) commissioned a report titled Measures in support of the not-for-profit sector – Indicators of Object 1(b) ACNC Act, which proposes how to define what a robust, vibrant, independent and innovative sector looks like, and how it can be measured.

The focus is on measuring these concepts as they relate to the sector, not individual charities.

The ACNC will be conducting consultation on this issue in early in 2019.

To view a copy of the report, click here.

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