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Expanding Single Touch Payroll (Phase 2)

The ATO has announced that the mandatory start date for Single Touch Payroll Phase 2 reporting will be 1 January 2022.

What isn’t changing:

While you will need to report additional information in your Single Touch Payroll report, there are many things which aren’t changing, including;

  • the way you submit your Single Touch Payroll report
  • Single Touch Payroll reports are still due on or before pay day unless you are eligible for a reporting concession
  • the types of payments that are in-scope for STP reporting
  • taxation and superannuation obligations;
  • end of year finalisation requirements.

The additional information you need to report should already be captured in your current payroll software.

The key changes to the Single Touch Payroll report include:

  • Employment conditions
  • Income Type and Country Code
  • Disaggregation of Gross
  • Salary Sacrifice
  • Lump Sums
  • Reporting previous Business Management Software IDs and Payroll IDs
  • Child Support Garnishees and Child Support Deductions.

To view the ATO information on Single Touch Payroll Phase 2, and to download the ATO factsheet click here.

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