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Collective impact and empowering communities: The legacy of the ten20 Foundation

The foundation was originally born out of Melbourne charity, GordonCare, which after 125 years of providing child protection services ran into funding challenges in 2012 and decided to shift focus, liquidating its assets to form the ten20 Foundation.

The foundation launched a 10-year investment project focused on funding communities across Australia to come up with community-led solutions to help vulnerable children. As a sunset organisation, it planned to spend down its $10 million corpus over a 10-year period.

Money was funnelled into backbone organisations and leaders so they could run their own projects and create change from inside their communities.

The foundation then brought together a number of NFPs, philanthropists and government groups under the umbrella of Opportunity Child – a national initiative that could link to work on the ground and be a neutral coordinator of learning and change.

In 2018, Opportunity Child became its own legal entity, but it has received grant payments from ten20 until now.

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