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Australian Community Sector Survey

The Australian Council of Social Service has released a report on the community sector, with a focus on funding contracts.

The key issues identified are:

  • Contract lengths that are too short, and that create sustainability issues and stifle innovation
  • Funding transition processes that cause unnecessary uncertainty and disruption.
  • A lack of commitment to funding a range of organisations, small, medium and large, working to address poverty, disadvantage and marginalisation.
  • A lack of commitment to funding the full cost of service delivery, including adequate indexation and a cessation of the efficiency dividend for nongovernment organisations.
  • Only limited flexibility in how grants are used and acquitted, hampering the capacity of organisations to innovate.
  • Funding and policy development processes where people who use the services are not at the centre of the design and delivery.
  • A lack of commitment to fund and support advocacy by the representatives of people and communities experiencing poverty and disadvantage as a legitimate part of our public debate.

To view the ACOSS report in full, click here

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