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Australia has new whistleblowing laws. Now for the governance.

Effective whistleblowing policies require much more than good intentions.

To deliver on its purpose, an effective whistleblowing regime needs not only legislation and regulation, but also processes and governance frameworks within organisations.

Without good governance and processes, too much can be left to chance and individual situations.

The Whistleblower guide is designed as a companion to the new legislative and regulatory requirements to help organisations not only comply with the new regime, but also implement best practice governance.

The five steps span the design and implementation of whistleblowing programs by organisations and also on key actions from policymakers.

The steps are:

  • Recognising and assessing whistleblower disclosures
  • Supporting and protecting whistleblowers
  • Roles, responsibilities and oversight
  • The regulatory role: meeting new challenges
  • Public interest: respecting whistleblowing’s third tier

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