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AICD Calls for Action on NFP Regulatory Reform

A new report card has found that progress on removing the regulatory burden for the not-for-profit sector has been slow, with further reform needed to develop a “fit-for-purpose” regulatory regime and improve funding cycles.

On Thursday, the Australian Institute of Company Directors released their Blueprint for Growth Report Card.

This report measured progress on recommendations from AICD’s 2017 Blueprint for Growth document, which contained a number of reforms to improve the not-for-profit sector.

These reforms included setting best-practice targets of five-year government funding cycles and to develop a “fit for purpose” regulatory environment, with nationally consistent definitions and reporting systems and less duplication.

AICD’s report card gave progress in both those areas a grade of “C”, noting that funding cycles and duplication remained key challenges, despite “slow, but positive” progress on regulatory consistency.

“While some progress has been made, greater national priority must be placed on these proposals,” the report said.

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