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Adelaide Launches Online Tool Tracking Rough Sleeping Numbers

Imagine if the evening news bulletin reported the number of rough sleepers like it did the weather or stock market. This gap in public awareness has inspired a new online tool showing South Australians how many people are sleeping rough in Adelaide on any given night.

Launched last Wednesday as part of the Don Dunstan Foundation’s (DDF) Adelaide Zero Project, this online dashboard actively tracks the number of rough sleepers in the city and how many of them have moved into secure housing.

DDF executive director, David Pearson told Pro Bono News the dashboard offered a dynamic measure of the project’s target to achieve functional zero homelessness – where the number of homeless people on any given night is no greater than housing placement availability.

But he said the dashboard also offered increased public awareness about the plight of homelessness.

To view the full Pro Bono article, click here.

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