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More than 100 charities risking revocation

Last week, the ACNC issued a public notice to 116 charities that have failed to submit two Annual Information Statements, putting them at risk of losing their charity status.

The charities listed have until Friday 13 April 2018 to submit their outstanding Annual Information Statements, or their charity registration will be revoked and they will lose access to Commonwealth charity tax concessions.

Usually we would write to charities to warn them that they risk revocation, however, we have been unable to reach this group. This may mean that they have wound up, or they have simply changed their contact information and failed to let us know.

If you recognise any of the charities listed, I urge you to let the people involved in the charity know that they are in danger of having their registration revoked.

To view the full list of charities, click here.

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