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Staff Profile – Janet Henrie

Introducing: Janet Henrie – Accountant & Auditor

Janet Henrie is an Australian-American who came here almost twenty years ago to enjoy the warmth of the Australian people and weather.  She and her family moved here from the US via Winnipeg, Manitoba. Janet completed her tertiary BS Accountancy degree at the University of Missouri- Columbia, and subsequently worked at the Missouri State Auditor’s Office where she fulfilled the requirements for a licensed CPA. Her next career move was motherhood.

Janet has two children and a husband whose career she has followed from country to country and continent to continent. She has worked as an apprentice carpenter, a bookkeeper for a jewellery chain, and a financial officer of a winery, amongst other things…. but she has quite happily settled into the nfp sector as it provides an opportunity to help those who are helping others.  Janet  has several roles at nfpas, as an auditor an accountant and general mess fixer for those who need specialised assistance. (We know she loves what she does as she has been seen doing a happy dance after working her way through a difficult problem).

Janet is an active member of the Jewish community and was recently recognised as such by being awarded with the Ner Tamid award for commitment to her synagogue and the wider community.  She has been the Treasurer of Jewish Community Services and is the current Treasurer of her other love, Graduate Singers, a community choir where she can indulge her love of singing.  She also loves gardening and talking to her chickens and enjoys the opportunity to ride her bike to work when possible.

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