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RSPCA – No Mum Left Behind

Looking for a couple of furry friends to join your family? RSPCA SA’s No Mum Left Behind campaign revolves around the idea of keeping the bond between mum cats and their kittens intact. Mum cats care for and raise their kittens, often risking their own health, kittens are desexed and rehomed, and the mum cat is left behind.

Anyone who adopts a kitten from RSPCA SA has the opportunity to take the mum home for free. A bonded pair will be more settled in a home environment as they keep each other company and amused when their owner isn’t home. It’s also easier for all members of a cat-owning family to get their share of kitty attention when there is more than one to go around!

To view the selection of cats and kittens the RSCPA have available for adoption, please visit here.

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