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Does South Australia need a Mental Health Commission?

Workshop being held next Monday, 9 September 2013

On June 17 2013 the Mental Health Coalition of South Australia hosted a Futures Innovation Workshop where over 60 people with lived experience of mental illness, family carers and service providers prioritised some key elements for a future vision
for mental health in SA.

The key elements included the need for a strong plan for future mental health reform, the importance of consumer and carer co-design; an increased emphasis on early intervention and more support in the community, increased innovation and leadership with a focus on demonstrating outcomes and impacts.

The June Workshop identified that a significant number of jurisdictions in Australia have a mental health commission (MHC). The MHCs have different powers and scope across the jurisdictions and they are working in different ways to improve the mental health system.

This half day workshop on September 9 will explore the experience of MHCs in other jurisdictions and the relevance of this to the South Australian context.Need inspiration for your design?

Eddie Bartnik, WA Mental Health Commissioner will be attending to share the WA experience.

A representative from the National Mental Health Commission will also be sharing their experience.

Register for the Workshop online at

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