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Calls to Abolish Basic Religious Charity Category from ACNC Legislation

Justice Connect has called to abolish the concept of Basic Religious Charity from the Australian Charities and Not for Profit Commission’s legislation, in their submission to the ACNC review.

Justice Connect’s (JC) Not for Profit Law Service made a submission to the mandatory five-year review of ACNC legislation on Wednesday.

It made six recommendations, including to remove the concept of BRC under ACNC legislation and subject it “to further review in five years”.

A charity is given BRC status if it is registered with the sole purpose of “advancing religion” and if it meets five other requirements.

Charities with BRC status do not need to answer financial information questions in its Annual Information Statement, submit annual financial reports to the ACNC (regardless of its size), or comply with the ACNC governance standards.

JC said in their submission that it was “not clear what special attributes such organisations have which justifies a lower level of regulatory oversight”.

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