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ACNC database of Registered Charities

The ACNC has announced the expansion of the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission Register – Australia’s first database of registered charities – and the launch in a mobile format, offering donors easy access to information about more than 57,500 organisations.

Thousands of Australian charities have submitted information for publication on the Register since the establishment of the ACNC last year.

The Register now displays new information sent in by registered charities between January and April 2013, with more to come as further data is processed. The ACNC Register will be progressively updated. It now contains 11 search fields returning 23 pieces of information compared to only three return fields when first established in December 2012.

Each phase of the Register is linked to the ACNC receiving or requesting information. Initially the ACNC Register was based on information received from the Australian Taxation Office when charities were transferred to the ACNC in December 2012. This second phase of the Register incorporates information received from those charities who completed the ‘confirm your charity details form mailed out in January and February this year. Further information will be added as charities complete their 2013 Annual Information Statements, with those operating on a financial year due by 31 December this year.

The enhanced Register has drawn praise for increasing transparency and access to up-to-date information on Australian charities from a dedicated and trusted source.

The register is available here;

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